Volunteer Info

Barbers Book Nook

We provide books to local barbershops for their youngest clients to promote early literacy.  The children can read while waiting to be serviced or while they are actually being served.

  • Volunteers are needed help switch out the books, replenish the incentive boxes, take photos and read books once a month.

PEACE “4” Pre-K DayNovember 11, 2019, is an annual event where business, political and community leaders from around the Metro Atlanta area volunteer to go into over 100 GA Pre-K classroom and read a story to the children.  Once the story has been completed the “Leader Readers” and Grow Kids volunteers then engage the children with an arts and crats activity.

  • Volunteers are needed to help facilitate arts and craft activities an assigned GA Pre-K classroom.
  • Take photos

 PEACE “4” Pre-K Day Planning Committee the planning committee is responsible for outlining and preparing all of what is necessary to facilitate the days event.

  • Promote the event through social media and other outlets
  • Volunteers are needed to help coordinate school assignments for the Leader Readers
  • Prepare supplies for the event
  • Deliver books and activity materials to the participating schools
  • Help set up/breakdown space for appreciation luncheon
  • Take photos

The Kids Kitchen

At the Kids Kitchen we promote health and nutrition through an afternoon program where we teach small children about making better life choices.  Children learn about how to plan healthy meals, prep food for cooking and cook their own meals.  Children also engage in physical activity to promote lifelong healthy habits.

  • Volunteers are welcomed to help take photos
  • Assist will meal preps and cook
  • Create artistic recipe cards and instructional cards
  • Promote the program through social media and other outlets

Community Sprouts– children engage in child lead civic activities that promote community involvement in the communities where they live.

  • Volunteers are needed to lead a community group by facilitating activities for groups of 8 to 12 children in their neighborhood,
  • Scout opportunities for giving back in their communities
  • Help children raise funds, if needed, to carry out their community missions